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Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar Set Up's

Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar Set Up's

Whether your a beginner with your first instrument, a gigging rockstar or a professional musician having your guitar/bass professionally set up can vastly improve your learning and playing experience. Many guitar manufacturers build in factories to a set budget and cannot afford the expense or time to set the guitar and necks up to there full playing potential. A professional set up, or upgrade will make your guitar feel, play and sound just the way it should.

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Repairs, Restorations & Upgrades

Repairs, Restorations & Upgrades

Whether you require a repair, restoration, replacement parts, a cosmetic upgrade, re-fret, electronics diagnosed & repaired i will work alongside you and help make your guitar be the best it can be.

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Have your very own one off guitar designed and created or customise your existing guitar just the way you want it.

All conventional body types are available in a wide variety of woods with custom routing for pickup/hardware configurations.
Custom one offs are available so we are sure to help design you something truly unique.

Natural oil stain finishes are available, however painted finishes, refinishes, custom sprays and road worn relics are also available too.
Check out the gallery of recent custom builds.

We use CRIMSON Guitars Stunning Stains to create beautiful bursts or a custom colours of your choosing.

Visit our custom shop and start your custom shop journey today.
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Terms & Conditions
** A deposit is required for all bookings to cover parts costs. 
In the event of cancellation deposits are non refundable

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Customer testimonials and feedback

My name is Jez, i have been a guitarist and multi instrumentalist for over 20 years.
I have over 10 years experience as a Luthier having the pleasure of working on many instruments and
playing everything from cheap budget guitars to expensive top brands and custom shop guitars.
Lots of factors can affect the sound and playability of a guitar and there are endless possibilities in combinations of amps, pedals and guitar upgrades these days.
In my experience the one main thing that can set an expensive guitar from its cheaper budget counterpart is the feel and playability of the neck.
For all your repairs, set ups and upgrade needs Peterborough Guitar Tech are on board to keep you rocking

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