The wah wah is the perfect effects pedal if you want to add some extra expression to your playing. From guitar legend Jimi Hendrix to Metallica's Kirk Hammett, many players from all sorts of genres are a fan of the wah wah and use it regularly in their music. Xvive's V17 Singing Autowah works slightly different from the traditional wah that's controlled by an expression pedal. When the V17 Autowah is turned on, your chords will get a constant dynamic wah effect while individual notes get a funky, singing sound. This is perfect if you want to embellish your sound with extra dynamics and expression. Xvive Analog Series V17 Singing Autowah: ease of use The V17 Singing Autowah can be used for electric guitar as well as bass guitar. Thanks to its intuitive layout, you'll always be able to get the sound you're looking for - simply adjust the tone by means of elaborate sensitivity, sustain and depth controls. An extra switch allows you to choose between a slow or a fast effect. In order to maintain high signal quality, all pedals from the Analog Series are completely analogue and true bypass. Xvive Audio Xvive Audio was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate musicians who were looking for fantastic sound at a sharp price. Their aim is to produce products with unsurpassed build and sound quality. All effects pedals by Xvive have been designed in America by a team of experienced experts. Their vision is that quality products should be made available at a competitive price, so that every musician will be able to enjoy them. Used - great condition save £10 on rrp