Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinky 10-46, 3 Pack Bundle


3 x Ernie Ball 3721 Cobalt Electric Guitar Strings 10-46 Gauge: 10 - 46 Gauges (High to Low) 10 , 13 , 17 , 26 , 36 , 46 Wrap Material: Cobalt Construction: Round Wound Ball End / Loop End: Ball End Coated / Non-Coated: Non-Coated **Ernie Ball 3721 Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 10-46 Regular Slinky 3-Pack USA Made** Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Guitar Strings are round-wound for maximum clarity and serious punch. The Cobalt Slinky set is clearly an improvement on its classic nickel-wound counterpart giving the player increased sustain, clarity and output. In addition, they resist sweat and moisture better and have unmatched flexibility when compared to other nickel wound strings. • Proprietary Alloy developed by EB specifically for Guitar Strings • Engineered to Maximize Output and Clarity • Slinkier Feel, Beefier Tone • Longer Lasting due to a Stronger Wrap Wire • World's First and Only Cobalt String • Alloy of Iron and Cobalt – Most Magnetic Alloy Available! • Patent Pending • Wound Strings Only How it Works Cobalt has a stronger interaction with your pickups which generates a stronger, clearer signal. Bottom Line Improved Tonality, Easier Playability, Longer Life "Ernie Ball Cobalt Strings sound and feel better than anything I've ever played! You have to check these out!" - Slash. "Cobalt Strings feel incredibly silky under my fingers and deliver more punch, output, and clarity than normal strings!" - John Petrucci. "There's a certain degree of clarity and punch you get from Cobalt Strings that I haven't heard tonally from any other strings I've played." - Joe Bonamassa. All Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and the most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance and long life. Made in the USA. Gauge 10-13-17-26-36-46.

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